Angry Gran Run APK Description

The game adds a lot of humorous elements: huge squid jumping fish, rumbling coke cans, racks hanging across the road, even aliens and dinosaurs are also on the stage, turning left and right in the streets when the crazy run Beware of bumping into sinister glass porters.

And there are plenty of characters in the game waiting for you to buy. Angry Granny, Frozen Primitives, Zombies, Fashion Dancer of Big Jump Horseback Dance. With gold coins, everything can be achieved.

There are three main types of data in the game: gold coins, points, and running distance. Gold coins can be used to buy new characters and improve the performance of items in the game.

Points will gradually increase as the game progresses, giving you unparalleled pleasure. And when you run a distance of 10,000 meters, you can unlock a great achievement and become a real master.

Games, whether interesting or playable, are far more unusual than comparable games. Every day, the raged grandmother completes the task of the day and it is also a good relief.