Angry Birds Evolution APK Description

Angry Birds Evolution apk is an RPG game in which you can carry up to 5 birds to play. The number of play is unlocked by the level. Each bird has a 1-5 star rating and the higher the rank, the stronger. In addition, birds have evolved and upgraded mechanisms;

Hatchery: It contains ordinary bird eggs and advanced bird eggs. It can hatch 1-4 stars and 2-5 star birds respectively. It can hatch eggs through friendship, diamonds and hatching rolls.

Scout: For unknown places on the map, you need to investigate the birds to explore in order for your team to play, but there are cooldowns after the bird has been used;

Family: After joining the family, you will drop the First Aid Kit in your battle to restore the team's blood. The higher the family level, the higher the blood recovery.

Arena: Hit a certain rank to get considerable benefits.