Angry Birds APK Description

The characters in Angry Birds apk game are divided into two camps: the bird and the fat pig. The player's camp is a small bird camp. Players cannot switch camps. In the game, players need to beat all fat pigs in order to win.

In order to retaliate for the fat pigs who stole the eggs, the birds used their own bodies as weapons to attack the fortresses of the fat pigs like shells. The angry red bird was rushing to the green pig's fortress.

The gameplay is very simple, popping up the little bird on the slingshot, picking up the green fat pig and picking up all the fat pigs to get through. The bird's pop-up angle and intensity are controlled by the player's fingers. Careful consideration should be given to the comprehensive calculation of the strength and angle so that the pig can be found more accurately. The popped bird will leave ejection trajectories for adjustment of reference angle and intensity. In addition, the more scores for each level, the higher the rating will be.