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  • Android4.3 and up
  • Updated to version1.3.0
  • Size24 MB
  • CategoryPuzzle
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After the End Forsaken Destiny APK Description

NonstopDungeon apk is a 3D action adventure game where players must turn their perspectives to find organs and scattered stone fragments, and solve puzzles and move forward by thinking.

The scene design of the ancient ruins also makes the gameplay of the game very exploratory. The player can control the two characters of the father and son in the game, and the official does not specifically help them to name, how to define the role to be given to the player to imagine and judge, because the two characters are in the same space, but exist at different times.

Each level also has unique puzzles that match its style, such as music box puzzles in the desert, rotating paths in the city. So in each level, players can experience a completely different gaming experience. Even a deadly trap can save you a life. What exactly is waiting for the player at the end of the journey?