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Adventures of Mana APK Description

After the re-production of Adventures of Mana android Game, both the picture and the sound have changed dramatically. First of all, the performance of the picture: although the polygons and textures give people a more common feeling, the expressiveness in the plot is stronger than the original. A lot. The movements of the limbs are more abundant than the original, and there are more performances in the expression. However, the performance also has a degraded part. When the original version was transmitted by the cannon, there will be an animated performance that hits the sky and then falls to the destination. In the remake, it may be deleted because of the map. I feel very sorry.

The map scene has also been completely reworked, and some of the holes and obstacles that are not easily seen in the original work are more clearly seen in the remake. However, as the style of the picture changes, some of the original pixel style designs are very strange to look at in the remake. For example, when playing the original game, if you rush into the wild, you will inevitably hit the Lula flower, so you will carefully look at the scene and move forward carefully. The difference between the monsters in the remastered version and the common plants is relatively large, and basically there is no collision. The remake seems to have also removed some of the effects of terrain such as water on the character, and the individual feels better to keep the original design.

The original version as ARPG is not very smooth in operation, and the display of some obstacles on the map is not particularly obvious. The operation of the remastered version has to be smooth and very smooth. The most obvious thing is that the SFC version of the screen is also very comfortable to change with the feeling of "squeaky" when going down the stairs.